There are numerous benefits of 6 inch gutters San Antonio installations. Rain gutters form a very important part of the drainage system of a building. They prevent foundation and flooding problems that can occur if the rainwater from the roof lands close to the building.  Although the standard gutters that you will find in most homes are 5 inch gutters, there are many reasons why you should upgrade to 6 inch gutters.

6 inch gutters are larger and capable of handling more water when it rains by up to 40%. That means they provide more benefits when compared to 5 inch gutters. Here are the major reasons to install 6 inch gutters instead of 5 inch gutters.

Better Flooding and Erosion Prevention

6 inch gutters are capable of containing more rainwater. That means these gutters will not overflow during a heavy storm or torrential downpour. As such, they will do a better and efficient job when it comes to directing rainwater away from the roof and foundation of your house. Basically, gutter overflows lead to problems like flooding and landscape erosion. In fact, overflowing gutters can create a swamp in your lawn or even wash to topsoil away from the flower bed. To avoid this, install 6 inch gutters.

Better Protection of the Foundation

Gutter overflow can also damage the foundation of your building. When rainwater overflows from the gutters, it can accumulate around the foundation of your building. Moisture can eventually seep into the basement of your building. Since the foundation has porous blocks, water that is not guided away properly will eventually seep into its bricks. This will eventually damage your building. For instance, rainwater can freeze and cause cracks on the foundation blocks. This will make your house vulnerable to more damage by water.

Prevention of Siding Stains

Dirty water that sloshes over the rain gutter rims will leave stains on the siding of your home. In addition to giving your property an unattractive look, the stains require resources and time to power-wash.

Clearly, you should consider installing 6 inch gutters if you have old 5 inch gutters. 6 inch gutters enable you to minimize the chances of rainwater drainage problems. MT Gutters has technicians that can inspect your property in San Antonio and install 6 inch gutters for you.

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