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It’s important to waterproof your paint job when you’re dealing with exterior paint and painting companies. Below are 6 ways you can waterproof your exterior paint job and ensure an even coating.

1. Remove the Old Paint

As your old coat of paint ages, it can curl and flake off as temperatures rise or is exposed to frequent water. This can cause chipping and cracking. It’s important to power wash this old coat of paint off so you apply a new coat of paint and ensure that none of the paint will have bubbles, moisture or pockets. Skimping on removing old paint can lead to costly repainting and possible damage to exterior walls down the road. 

2. Replace Bad Siding

Old or poorly installed siding can make paint susceptible to moisture or new water flow during the next water storm. It’s important to replace siding that are showing problems or signs of age. This can include  high heating or AC bills, warped siding, dry rot or mildew. These problems will need to be addressed before adding a new coat of paint to avoid problems later on down the line.

3. Caulk Any Cracks

Once your siding and paint is secured and painted, it’s important to inspect the surface for any signs of cracking. Even if the cracking is minimal, keep in mind that it will worsen over time if not properly fixed right away. Any seams or cracks can warp and crack new paint and allow moisture underneath the  layers of paint. This can be fixed by caulking any seams or cracks before they worsen.

4. Check Your Foundation

Water is known for seeping into settled foundation and this can cause multiple problems in a home. A poorly settled or waterlogged foundation can cause cracked walls and shifting rooms among other problems, though it can be seen easily by cracking paint on the exterior walls. A few early warning signs of foundation damage is sloped floors, misaligned windows and windows or doors that are showing difficulty opening or closing.

5. Irrigate Drains Properly

With proper irrigation, your foundation will stay firm. If your irrigation system is faulty or not designed for your home, it can cause problems with your foundation. Water can easily seep under the foundation. If you are noticing problems with your foundation, consider hiring a professional gutter or irrigation specialist to help redirect the flow of water away from your home.

6. Maintain Your Gutters

It’s important to maintain your gutters through regular cleaning and inspection. Poorly maintained gutters can gather a large amount of debris over time and lead to clogs or leaking in your gutter system. Your gutters are designed to keep the flow of water away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters are improperly maintained, they may come loose and sag, leading to excessive water flow down the walls of your home, causing paint to crack and peel and your foundation to suffer. 

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