Gutter Guards San Antonio

Best Gutter Guards San Antonio

If you have dealt with the wrath of clogged house gutters, you certainly know the importance of investing in the best gutter guards San Antonio products. Gutter guards installation enables you to avoid the consequences of leaves and debris buildup in the gutters. These consequences include basement leaks and the need to climb up a rickety ladder. However, when buying gutter guards, there are things that you need to know.

Cover or Screen

The current market has numerous gutter guard types to choose from. Different types of gutter guards come with different styles. However, covers and screens are the most popular types.

Compared to covers, screens are cheaper. However, they are not as durable as covers. Screen gutter guards work as filters that keep large debris away while allowing water to enter the gutter system. These screens are made of a metal mesh. Although they keep larger debris away from the gutter, they allow pine needles and smaller pests to enter the gutter system. Some screens are thin. However, sturdiness and longevity are mostly not problems depending on their making material.

Covers are gutter guards that keep most natural elements away. They rest on the top of the gutters. They are installed in a slanted angle to ensure that water slides off instead of accumulating in the gutters. Since they act like your roof, covers keep different types of debris away. Covers are mostly made of a strong material. Therefore, they tend to last longer.


There are other types of gutter guards that include foam and brush. Foam gutters are easy to install and they are extremely affordable. They are made of cheaper materials. That means severe weather will make them wear and tear with ease. Brush guards provide a temporary fix. Although they keep larger debris away, smaller debris get stuck in the brushes. This can eventually result in significant buildup. Additionally, brush guards tend to attract squirrels and birds.

Buying The Best Gutter Guards

When purchasing your gutter guards, avoid settling for less. Essentially, invest in gutter guards that will keep your house gutters free of clogs. That way, you will avoid the need to clean your gutters more often.

At MT Gutters, we know what makes the best gutter guards. We have also installed gutter guards in many buildings across San Antonio, TX. If unsure about the best gutter guards to install in your property, get in touch with us.

Let experts guide you in choosing and installing the best gutter guards San Antonio products on your property today!