Corpus Christi gutter mesh is also called micro-mesh gutter filter. It is placed across the top of the gutter system to prevent clogging. The mesh keeps gutters clear by preventing leaves and other forms of debris from entering. It uses sieve-like mesh screens or panels to separate roof debris and leaves from rainwater.

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Effective Gutter Protection

Gutter mesh is the most effective type of gutter guards. That’s because the mesh is generally super fine. Typically, the mesh is 50 microns. This is sufficiently small to capture even sand. Consequently, gutter mesh is the most effective type of gutter screening material that you will find in Corpus Christi home improvement stores. It is also popular for rainwater recovery systems and conventional gutter guards that collect the rainwater that is used for landscaping.

Higher Performance

When compared to the technologies that are used by other gutter guards, gutter mesh screens perform better. That’s because they keep of all types of roof debris away. They also capture more water. However, gutter mesh tends to cost more than the standard gutter guards.

The Downside

The major downside of gutter mesh is clogging of their super-fine mesh by the roof tar. Moldy or mossy roofs can also cause mesh clogging. It’s therefore important to know how to clean the roof and the mesh after installation. This is the only way to prevent clogging and ensure effective protection of your gutters by this mesh.

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