If you are tired of cleaning your gutters constantly, Corpus Christi leaf guard might be the best solution for your problem. Properly installed leaf guards reduce gutter maintenance significantly. So, if you are yet to install leaf guards on your property, call MT Gutters to discuss your leaf guard installation project. We will be glad to install superior leaf guards on your property professionally and efficiently.

Prevent Gutter Clogging

Leaf guards prevent debris that includes leaves from clogging gutters. That means you don’t have to spend money and time in clearing out gutter blockages whenever they occur. Normally, gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year. However, when you install leaf guards, your gutters can go for a longer period without cleaning.

Prevent Gutters Overflow

Whenever it rains heavily, gutters overflow if they don’t have leaf guard. That’s because leaves and other debris find their way into the gutters where they cause blockages. These cause overflow whenever it rains heavily. If you do nothing about gutter overflow, water will enter your property and cause damage or stain the interior of your house. To prevent this, install leaf guard to keep leaves away from your gutters and prevent gutter overflows.

Ensure Smooth Flow of Rainwater

Leaf guard installation enhances the flow of rainwater in the gutters and downspout. That’s because debris that includes leaves does not accumulate in the gutter system and cause blockage. There will also be no blockages in the drains when you install leaf guard. If you have a tank that collects rain water, it will refill faster with clean water once you install leaf guards.

Stop Insects from Breeding in the Gutters

When your gutters are blocked, water tends to accumulate and stagnate in them. This attracts nasty insects like mosquitoes. Since leaf guard minimizes the possibility for clogging, insects stay away.

Fire Protection

If your house is located close to a bush, leaf guard installation is a sure way to protect it from bushfire when it occurs. That’s because embers that travel from the bush won’t be stuck within the leaves in the gutters where they can ignite a fire.

These are just some of the major reasons to install leaf guards on your property. If you are yet to install leaf guards, you should consider their installation.

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