Downspout San Antonio products play a very important role of carrying rainwater away from the house gutters. A downspout is basically the vertical pipe that extends downward to the ground level from the gutters. It is meant to carry the rainwater that is collected by the gutters. It prevents rainwater from flooding on the ground that surrounds your house.

Downspouts are made of the same material that the gutters are made of. They also have the same color with the gutters to ensure a uniform look. Although downspouts can be placed at a low point alongside the gutter system, they are usually placed close to the corners of a home.

The Top

A downspout is connected to the gutter at a point where the gutter has a hole at the bottom. The downspout is connected to the gutter with a connecting piece. This connection is sealed to prevent seepage of water. The top of a downspout is then connected to a connecting piece. Metal screws or glue can be used to seal this connection.

The Bottom

Many downspouts come with a curved bottom. The bottom is basically designed in a way that enables them to drain rainwater away from the building’s foundation. A concrete splash guard can be used at the foot to disperse rain water while preventing erosion.

There are cases where the landscape or topography near a downspout prevents rainwater from dispersing effectively. In such cases, a trench can be dug from close to the downspout. This should be directed away from the building. The downspout’s end is buried in a trench and connected to a flexible pipe that is used to connect the system to ensure easy drainage of the water to this trench and to the eventual destination.

Maintaining The Downspout

Gutters are easy to clean. However, a downspout is not easy to recognize when it needs cleaning. That’s because it is enclosed completely. It’s also not easy to detect a clog in the downspout. Therefore, always check your downspout whenever you do gutter cleaning. If there is a clog in the downspout, it should be removed immediately. That’s because clogged downspouts will cause water accumulation in the gutters.

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