Gutter downspout extension Corpus Christi products ensure that your guttering system moves rainwater away from the building. This helps in protecting the basement from the leaks that are caused by overflowing gutters. Essentially, if the gutters on your property have not been installed properly or if they do not have the right angle away from a building, leaks and overflows are likely to occur. Fortunately, downspout extensions provide a solution to this problem. MT Gutters can install downspout extensions on your property and help you deal with leaks and overflow problems once and for all. Call us now to get a free quote for your downspout installation project.

How Downspout Extension Corpus Christi Products Work

Downspout extensions are easy to install and they direct water from the roof away from the foundation of a building. Essentially, downspout extensions work with the gutters and downspouts to prevent rain water from landing at the point where the ground and the building meet. This is very important because it prevents flooding that can cause foundation or structural damage to the property. It also protects the landscaping or lawns from water damage. It’s important to note that even if you have a great gutter system it will not serve its purpose effectively if the downspouts drain rainwater towards or near the foundation of your property. Downspout extensions ensure that your property has a sufficient drainage system. These fixtures extend a few feet into the yard. Basically, these extensions are attached to the end of the downspouts.

Why You Should Install Downspout Extensions

If rainwater is collecting close to the foundation of your property, don’t ignore this problem because doing so will only escalate it.That’s because water accumulation around your building’s foundation will:
  • Weaken the building’s foundation
  • Cause leaks and cracks on the walls
  • Damage the soffit and fascia boards
  • Cause landscape erosion
  • Lead to basement flooding
  • Cause structural damage
These are the major reasons to install gutter downspout extensions. When installed properly, they will alleviate the flooding problem and prevent these potential problems. It’s also worth noting that there are cases where downspout extensions work best when used with other solutions. These include yard drains installation and grading. That’s why you should not consider installing gutter downspout extensions without professional assistance. Instead, call us to have experts assess your property and recommend the best solution.

Don’t Allow Overflowing Gutters Damage Your Property

If your downspouts are poorly pitched or if your gutters are overflowing, it’s important that you get in touch with MT Gutters for assistance. Our team will offer you a free estimate for the installation of your gutter downspout extensions. We will also guide you in selecting the most appropriate downspout extensions for your property in Corpus Christ. Essentially, we will make sure that you have the best guttering and drainage system in your property.Call us now to discuss your installation and choice of gutter downspout extension Corpus Christi products!