Downspout San Antonio

If you already have an old downspout, you may need gutter downspout extension San Antonio product. Gutters are meant to channel water from your roof. Downspouts funnel water from the roof away from the house. Unfortunately, if this water is not carried far away from the house, a disaster may occur.

During heavy rains, short downspouts can cause a pool of water close to the base of your house. This flooding can compromise the integrity of the foundation of your home. That’s precisely why you need a longer downspout. If you have a short downspout, you should extend it to prevent this flooding and subsequent seeping of water through the foundation.

Why Extend The Downspout?

If water continues to flood around the house and seep through the foundation, it will cause other problems in your home. These include mildew, mold, and dry rot. Gutter downspout extension is basically a simple and easy remedy to water seepage problem. All you have to do is purchase the gutter downspout extension and hire us to install it for you.

It’s however important that you purchase a gutter downspout extension that matches the appearance of the old one. Measure the existing downspout’s diameter to ensure that the extension that you buy is of the right size.

Get Professional Guidance

If the place where you intend to place the extension does not have high foot traffic, consider adding a simple extension or a pipe. The length of the new section can be cut with a hacksaw. Usually, the adequate length is 6 to 8 feet as long as there is enough room. This pipe should be attached to the current downspout and a galvanized gutter elbow should be used to attach the new pipe securely. If this sounds difficult to do, get in touch with us for professional guidance.

At MT Gutters San Antonio, we will guide you in selecting the right gutter downspout extension. Get in touch with us now for help with selecting and installing gutter downspout extension San Antonio product.