One of the best ways to keep your property protected against water damage is ensuring that you have a properly functioning rainwater drainage system. Gutter drain pipe San Antonio products are crucial to this system. Gutter drain pipes are the enclosed pipes that carry rainwater from the gutters down to the ground level.

From the gutter drain pipes, rainwater is channeled away from the foundation of a building. There is an elbow at the bottom of a gutter drain pipe which directs water away from a building. It’s important to know that gutter drain pipes should be kept clean to serve their purpose effectively.

Importance of Gutter Drain Pipes

When it rains heavily or during heavy rainstorms, the roof of your building receives rainwater in large amounts. When your building has properly functioning rainwater drainage system, this water flows off the roof quickly into the gutters and eventually into the drain pipes. Properly functioning drain pipes channel this water away from the gutters and walls of the building.

If your rainwater drainage system has an obstruction either in the gutters or drain pipes, water will back up at the top. Eventually, it will pour over the gutters and fall directly on the walls, windows, siding, and doors of your property. This happens whenever gutters or drain pipes are clogged by debris that includes leaves and sticks. To avoid this, make sure that your guttering system is properly installed and maintained on regular basis.

Common Problems of Gutter Drain Pipes

The major issue that affects proper functioning of gutter drain pipes is clogging. Since gutter drain pipes are enclosed, they become clogged very easily. This happens when twigs, leaves, and other types of debris enters and accumulates the drain pipes. To avoid this problem, install gutter guards or a gutter protection system to prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters.

Gutter overflow can also happen when it rains heavily and there are no sufficient gutter drain pipes to channel rainwater away. To avoid this, make sure that the right number of gutter drain pipes San Antonio products is installed on your property. Experienced guttering system specialists will advice you accordingly when it comes to determining the right number of gutter drain pipes to install.

Gutter Drain Pipes Cleaning

Even when you install a gutter protection system, you will still need to clean your gutter drain pipes more often. However, this is not a job that anybody can do. Unlike gutters where you easily locate or see clogs, gutter drain pipes are enclosed. As such, it’s not easy to know where the clog is. Experienced gutter drain pipe cleaners use different techniques including using plumbing snake to clean drain pipes. Remember that due to the height of your gutter drain pipes, you can fall and injure yourself if you are not experienced or careful when cleaning them. What’s more, you can damage your drain pipes especially if you try to clean them with a power garden snake. A power garden snake can puncture plastic drain pipes. Therefore, consider hiring experts to clean your gutter drain pipes.

At MT Gutters, we install and clean gutter drain pipes safely and professionally. Get in touch with us any time you need any help with gutter drain pipe San Antonio products.