Gutter extensions San Antonio products are also called downspout extensions. These are the attachments that are installed towards the end of the downspout to channel the collected rainwater away from a building.

The purpose of a gutter system is to collect rainwater and divert it to ensure that it does not damage the roof, foundation, siding and the landscape. However, there are cases where this water fails to drain away after getting out of the downspout. Instead, it pools around the building. This is definitely not good for a house. As such, gutter extensions are installed to drain this water away from the foundation of the building.

Why Install Gutter Extensions

When water pools around the foundation or base of a property, it causes erosion of flowerbeds and lawns. It can also flood the basement as well as the crawlspaces. Even worse, this water can cause cracks on the foundation. When there is extra moisture around your house, mold and mildew problems will be very prevalent throughout the house.

In some cases, splash blocks can be used to solve drainage problems. However, these will not work if:

If splash blocks fail to work in your case, consider installing gutter extensions.

Gutter Extension Types

There are three major types of gutter extensions to choose from.

These are:

Install The Right Gutter Extensions

If you are not sure which type of gutter extensions is ideal for you, MT Gutters can help. Our team has extensive knowledge in the installation of different types of gutter extensions. We will guide you in choosing gutter extensions that will work for your property. Regardless of the current type of rain water management system in your property, MT Gutters will help you keep it in proper shape.

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