Gutter hangers San Antonio products are also called hidden hangers. They play a very important role in any gutter system. Essentially, they enhance the durability and reliability of the entire gutter system. These gutter system accessories are the replacement for ferrule and spike method. Majority of them are designed for seamless K-style gutters. However, they are also used with gavalume, stainless steel, and copper gutters.

If you live in an older home, the gutters on your house may have been installed with ferrule and old spike method. This is a form of gutter installation where a tube or metal cylinder is placed in a gutter to prevent bending by strengthening the gutter system.

Importance Of Gutter Hangers

Gutter hangers provide a popular way to fasten a gutter system to the fascia. They also provide support and strength to the gutters. Just like the name suggests, gutter hangers are not easy to see while standing on the ground. That’s because the front part of the gutter hanger clips onto the lip of the gutter’s front part. The back of the gutter hanger rests flush against or clips to the back side of a gutter. During installation, a hole is screwed through the hanger, then into the gutter, and the fascia board.

Gutter hangers are very important in areas that receive moderate or heavy snow fall every year. When snow is packed on the roof, there is a strong downward force on the gutters as well as the mounting system. That’s why some gutters buckle under this weight. Gutter hangers provide support to the gutter system thereby enabling it to resist twisting and bending that may be caused by heavy snow or water. Essentially, hangers are the brackets that provide support and strength to your gutter system. Spacing and type of gutter hangers that you use will largely determine the strength and longevity of your gutter system.

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