Gutter pipe Corpus Christi products are important to a guttering system. Gutter pipes include the downspouts that drain water from the roof to the ground and drain pipes that channel it away from the ground near a building.

Gutter Downpipes

Gutter downpipes are the pipes or extensions that route rainwater from the roof to the ground level. Usually, these pipes are made of the same material with gutters. Their purpose is to ensure that water from the gutters does not fall on the walls, windows, doors and siding of a building. They protect a building from rainwater damage. Nevertheless, downpipes must be installed properly to serve their purpose effectively. Essentially, downpipes are installed alongside gutters.

At the bottom, downpipes can be connected to gutter extensions. These are meant to drain water away from the foundation or structure of a building. Gutter downpipes extensions prevent dispelling of rainwater next to the foundation of a building. That’s because if rainwater accumulates close to the foundation of a building, it can necessitate costly repair of the basement, patio or event the structure of the entire building.

Underground Gutter Drain Pipes

Gutter drain pipes form a very important part of a guttering system. Although these may be invisible, their importance should not be underestimated. The role of underground gutter drain pipes is to re-route rainwater away from the ground near a building. They ensure that water from the gutters and downpipes does not gather close to the foundation. Thus, they drain rainwater to low areas or designated locations within the property. Such areas include the curbside, backyard, or even the street, rock pit or drywell.   

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