The average gutter repair cost ranges from $75 to $230. Generally, gutter contractors perform thorough gutter assessment and repair of the broken exterior or malfunctioning gutters. They can also repair damaged downspouts. Some of the issues that are covered by a gutter repair service include sagging and clogging gutters, dented and broken gutters as well as disconnected gutters and downspouts. Professional gutter repair experts can also repair leaks and holes in gutters. They can also replace corroded or rusted gutters. Nevertheless, the cost of gutter repair varies on the basis of several factors.

Gutters Length

The cost of gutter repair is based on the linear foot of the installed gutters as well as the material to be repaired. Basically, the type and condition of the existing gutters affects pricing of a gutter repair service. Additionally, the time that experts will take to repair your gutters will affect price. That’s because some experts charge for gutter repair on an hourly basis. For instance, some gutter experts charge a minimum of $100 to $150 per hour. But, in most cases, gutter experts provide estimates on the basis of labor and material costs.

Sectional or Seamless Gutters

Traditionally, sectional gutters have horizontal gutter lengths that are fitted together before they are attached to the eaves of a building. These are connected to downspouts that channel water down. Seamless gutters on the other hand have a single piece. Thus, they are made of a single piece that is attached to the downspouts.

Repair of seamless gutters is done in place due to their construction. Nevertheless, seamless gutters are generally reliable and durable than sectional gutters.

Property Size and Height

Repairing gutters in taller buildings costs more than repairing gutters in small buildings. That’s because experts will need taller ladders to repair gutters on taller buildings. What’s more, such repairs should be done by experienced professionals. Essentially, gutter repair in taller or large buildings comes with a greater risk. Therefore, you should hire insured, bonded, and licensed contractors to repair gutters on your larger or taller building.

Gutter Material

Gutter materials influences gutter repair cost. This is particularly the case when a large section of the guttering system needs replacement. For instance, copper gutters cost more to repair than aluminum gutters. On average, repairing aluminum gutters cost $5 and above while copper gutter repair costs $25 and above per linear foot.

Surrounding Surfaces

The surface that surrounds gutters affects their repair cost. For instance, wooden soffits and fascia boards can be damaged by water if gutters fail to carry water from the building’s exterior properly. A gutter contractor may have to repair such issues while repairing your gutters. And this will definitely attract an additional fee.


Gutter cleaning is different from gutter repair. Therefore, if a gutter contractor has to clean and repair your gutters, you will pay more for the service.

These are the major factors that affect the cost of gutter repair. It’s important to note that the extent of gutter damage will also influence the cost of the repairs. At MT Gutters, we offer professional and affordable gutter repairs.

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