Half round gutters San Antonio products have the look of a fully-enclosed pipe that has been cut in half lengthwise. A good half-round gutter has curled-top outer edges. However, it’s possible to buy a gutter with a curled-top on one side only.

These gutters are very common in older homes. That’s because they are ideal for the exteriors and styles of most old homes. Nevertheless, these gutters have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Half Round Gutters

The major advantage of these gutters over other types of gutters such as K-style gutters is that their inner shape is smoother. This smoothness is very important because it reduces the chances of corrosion. Essentially, half round gutters have fewer areas where there can be wetness formation.

Additionally, the smooth surface of these gutters allows a free flow of waterborne debris. That means these debris won’t be caught on rough sides or edges thereby causing clogging over time. These advantages are the major reasons why many people prefer half-round gutters over their counterpart, the K-style gutters.

Disadvantages Of Half Round Gutters

It’s important to know the drawbacks of these gutters before you install them on your property. Half round gutters are generally expensive. That because they are not readily available in the current marketplace. They also require special hanger brackets and threaded rods to install.

Additionally, the water volume that half round gutters are capable of holding is less than that K-style gutters of the same width can hold. This is usually an issue in areas that receive a substantial amount of rainfall. Additionally, half round gutters are heavier than the standard gutters. That’s because their shape needs more support material.

Are Half Round Gutters Suitable For You?

If you are considering these gutters, work with professional contractors like MT Gutters to ensure that they are installed properly. Our team will inspect your house carefully and guide you in determining whether half round gutters are ideal for your property.

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