You’re reading this article because you want to know how to keep rain gutters from freezing in Texas. The ice cycles that form up there may look beautiful. However, they can damage your gutters and the upper part of your home. Ice cycles for when rainwater freezes in the gutter. If you don’t do anything about them, they can cause cracking or warping of rain gutters due to the additional pressure that they create. 

When ice clogs your gutters, ice dams can also form on the roof. Ice dams can cause severe water damage in your home. When the snow that accumulates in the gutters melts down, water may not be drained properly. Consequently, it can puddle around the foundation. Eventually, water might leak into your basement and cause a myriad of issues. To avoid all these problems, focus on preventing rain gutter freezing.

Why Frozen Gutters Are Bad For Your Building

When water freezes in your rain gutters, they won’t drain rainwater and melting ice or snow away from your building. The ice dams that can pool or flood over the gutters can find their way onto the sides of a home or the roof. 

When this happens, water can stay on the roof or run down the property sides continuously. Eventually, you will have issues like water leaks and wood rot to deal with. Secondary water damage like mold growth can also occur. 

Too much ice can weigh down the gutters. Once this happens, your gutters will start to pull away and detach from the building. Thus, you will eventually have to repair or replace your gutters. What’s more, you might have to deal with secondary water damage like mold growth.

Tips on How to Keep Rain Gutters from Freezing in Texas

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MT Gutters is a professional company with experts that have been installing and maintaining gutters in Texas for years. Our services include gutter installation, gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and gutter replacement. We know how to prevent the freezing of gutters. Here are tips from our experts on how to keep rain gutters from freezing. 

  • Ensure proper slope for your gutters: Ensuring that your gutters are sloped properly enables them to drain rainwater down the downspouts seamlessly. Instead of draining, rainwater will settle in the gutters if they are too flat. When allowed to stand still, rainwater can freeze and start to form ice. Therefore, adjust and assess gutters if they are not sloped properly. That way, you will prevent rainwater from standing still in your gutter thereby not have a chance to form ice. 
  • Clean your gutters: You should clean gutters whenever trees fall from trees and accumulate in the roof or gutters. Debris like soggy leaves will block rainwater allowing it to settle at the top there. Essentially, water will most likely freeze or form ice if it fails to drain properly. This will lead to frozen gutters and other water damage issues. Therefore, keep your gutters clean to prevent their freezing. 
  • Clear snow from the roof: Maybe you’ve noticed snow on the roof. You may have also been away from home when the ice started forming and clogging your roof and gutters. In that case, clear snow from the roof to ensure that it doesn’t end up in your gutters. 
  • Use heated gutter cables: Perhaps, you have done your best and you still can’t prevent the freezing of your gutters. In that case, consider investing in heated cables. These are designed for rooftops and gutters. Stringing a heated cable along the gutters will supply a gentle heat that will melt ice and prevent its accumulation in the gutters. Thus, rainwater will always shed away instead of accumulating in your gutters. 
  • Use sodium chloride: You probably know that rock salt melts ice on the walkways. Similarly, sodium chloride melts ice when added to frozen gutters. Just sprinkle sodium chloride on the frozen gutters or where you notice ice cycles. 

In addition to these tips for preventing the freezing of rain gutters, you should also ensure their proper maintenance. For instance, if you have old worn out gutters, call MT Gutters to schedule their repair. We offer professional gutter repairs that will fix some of the issues that could be causing gutter freezing.

Let Gutter Experts Help You

Perhaps, you do not have all the time to perform routine gutter maintenance to prevent their freezing. Maybe you are not ready to climb up the ladder and deal with your frozen gutters. In that case, get the help of experienced gutter experts in Texas. 

MT Gutters is a professional company with a sterling reputation for providing superior gutter services. We service all types of gutters on residential and commercial properties. If you have frozen gutters, call us and we will help you. We can also help you deal with a recurrent gutter freezing issue. 

Our crew comprises highly trained and experienced professionals that know how your gutters are supposed to work. We know the important role that is played by properly installed and functioning gutters. When gutters can’t drain rainwater away from your property, they might cause more harm. Frozen gutters can cause serious water damage to your property. That’s why you should not wait longer to call experts if you’ve noted freezing in your gutters. Instead, let experienced gutter specialists help you.

Contact MT Gutters now to find out more on how to keep rain gutters from freezing in Texas with the help of experienced gutter experts!