There are different types of metal guttering San Antonio materials. It’s therefore important that you know about metal gutters before you make your decision on the type to install on your property.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum guttering can be made of primary aluminum or secondary aluminum. Primary aluminum gutters are thicker than secondary aluminum gutters. They also don’t have weak spots. Secondary aluminum implies that the used material has been recycled. Although this is great for the environment, the gutters are not thick and they have weak spots. Nevertheless, aluminum guttering holds more water and it doesn’t rust. It’s also available in different colors. That means it’s possible to find aluminum guttering that matches the color of the siding of your property.

Steel Guttering

Steel guttering is extremely durable. Steel gutters can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Galvanized steel metal guttering San Antonio products are strong and capable of withstanding any amount of downpour. However, galvanized steel gutters tend to rust over time. That’s why many property owners prefer stainless steel gutters.

Nevertheless, stainless steel gutters come with disadvantages too. For instance, their installation tends to be difficult. They are also not available in numerous colors like aluminum. And, painting them is not easy.

Copper Guttering

Copper gutters are usually expensive. They also don’t come in different colors. In fact, copper gutters are available in their natural color only. And, many people do not prefer buying copper gutters due to the associated high cost. Nevertheless, copper gutters do not rust. They also have a natural beauty that makes painting them unnecessary.

Metal Guttering Installation

Installation of any of these types of metal guttering should be done by gutter experts. That’s the only way to ensure great results from your project. To hire the best experts for your metal guttering San Antonio project, call MT Gutters right away!