When a rainstorm rolls through, you don’t want to be stuck with poor runoff design. Poor runoff design can result in severe water damage to your exterior walls, entrances and even your home’s foundation. This damage may be permanent depending on the extent of the damage. 

1. Manage Your Rain Water Runoff With Gutters

Runoff design begins with your gutter system and how it is installed. Properly installed, sloped gutters will catch all water coming off of your roof and push it towards the downspout. Good gutters will keep the water moving continuously until it reaches the end, where it will run away from the home’s foundation without washing away or eroding dirt.

2. Keep Your Gutter System In Good Working Condition 

If you find cracks, leaks, or erosion inside your gutter system’s channels, your gutters aren’t properly working to protect your home’s foundation. Your gutters may be in need or repair if you are seeing outer signs of improper run off. These signs can include anything from expanse of space between your roof line and gutter where the bracket is coming loose, leaks or even cracks. You may even notice rotting wood at the base of your gutter system.

3. Remove Clogs and Debris Form Your Gutter System

If your gutters have built up debris such as leaves, twigs and other plant material, your gutters may get clogged and your water runoff may suffer. It’s important to inspect your gutters every season and after every heavy storm to help keep your system clear and running freely from clutter and clogs. You can clean debris from your gutters with heavy-duty gloves and a ladder or a high-pressure garden hose.

4. Consider Adding Rain Chains to the Bottom of Your Downspout

If you’re noticing that your downspout is pouring water out so harshly that it is beginning to erode the dirt underneath, it may be time to consider adding rain chains to the bottom of your gutter system. Rain chains are a series of metal cups or disks that help water gradually flow from gutter downspouts to the ground below. These are often decorative and add a unique aesthetic to your home’s curb appeal. You can often find these rain chains painted or designed to add a sense of whimsical color to your home.

5. Reroute Water Runoff By Installing Catchment Systems

By rerouting the water runoff, you can help save the dirt under your gutter downspout from erosion. Water gardens are a popular method to rerouting water as well as rain barrels. You can create a beautiful waterfall through the use of porcelain or clay pots filled with stones and pebbles, followed by barrels or wooden forms. A catchment system is simply a system or series of objects to help guide the water along the ground and reroute it from simply hitting the ground and eroding dirt. It is important even if you are not concerned with the aesthetic of your yard, as eroded dirt can lead to water damage to your foundation underground.