Rain gutter downspout guides water from the roof and gutters safely to the ground and eventually away from the foundation of a building. Essentially, downspouts form an important part of the rainwater drainage system or guttering system. Nevertheless, for downspouts to serve their purpose effectively, they must be installed properly.

Without proper positioning in a guttering system, downspouts can lead to gutters overflow. They can also make rainwater stand in a gutter channel. If downspouts are placed incorrectly, they can release rainwater in wrong places. For instance, incorrectly placed downspouts can release rainwater on a driveway with unsealed cement or behind siding.

Professional Rain Gutter Downspout Placement

At MT Gutters, we offer professional gutter downspouts installation services in San Antonio. Properly installed downspouts should drain rainwater about 5 feet away from the foundation or exterior wall of a building. If this is not possible for any reason, downspout extensions should be installed to drain rainwater away from the building. Nevertheless, it’s wise to consider downspout installation even when your downspouts drain rainwater at the prescribed distance.  This is particularly important when the sidewalk or driveway is near the location where downspouts drain rainwater.

We have experts that provide quality downspouts installation services across San Antonio. Our team will also advise you accordingly to ensure that your downspouts are placed in a way that enables them to serve their purpose effectively. We ensure that our downspout placement or installation addresses all issues that relate to poor rainwater drainage.

These include:

There are several factors that determine the number of downspouts to be installed in a building. These include size of a building, roof configuration, and annual rainfall amount. Generally, a home of an average size should have at least one or two downspouts. Typically, these are installed at the roof corners. Nevertheless, a large house with multilevel roof may have several downspouts placed properly to direct rainwater away.

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