Gutters San Antonio

A properly functioning rain gutter drainage San Antonio installation is absolutely important to your property. The roof collects rainwater and directs it to gutters. These channel rainwater to the downspouts that drain it down where it is channeled away by downspouts extensions. If gutter drainage is clogged or blocked, rainwater will not drain away the way it should. This will cause trouble to the roof and the entire building.

Roof Rot

If rain gutter drainage is hindered by clogs that are caused by soggy sticks, leaves and other types of debris, you will be worried every time it rains. That’s because heavy rainstorm will always mean water pooling in gutters that can’t drain properly.

This water forms a perfect ground for insects like mosquitoes to breed. During winter, this problem can even be more complex. Whenever snow melts, it should drain off the roof quickly. But, when your gutters are unable to drain properly, water from the melting ice will back up underneath shingles where it freezes and melts again.

This leads to the formation of ice dams that lead to roof rot. Stagnant water will dampen the decking of your roof and cause decay. It can also lead to mold growth. This problem can be minimized by ensuring that rain gutters drainage is not blocked.

Benefits of Maintaining Clear Gutter Drainage

There are many benefits that come with maintenance of proper rain gutter drainage. When your gutters drain rainwater properly, they prevent flooding up there which can lead to roof rot. Properly draining gutters will also keep the foundation of your building safe. The landscaping of your property will also not wash away. Sidewalks and walkways will not sink or crack because their supporting soil will remain in place.

Window frames and doors will not be exposed to rot. If rainwater pours over the windows and doors of your building whenever it rains, bricks or vinyl siding will stain. Properly draining rain gutters help with preservation of the great look of the exterior of your building.

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