Gutter extension San Antonio

Rain gutter extensions San Antonio installations are also called downspout extensions. These are the attachments that are installed at the end of the downspouts to channel rainwater from the roof and further away from a building’s foundation.

A guttering system is meant to collect rainwater and divert it away to ensure that it does not cause damage to the roof, foundation, siding and landscaping. However, rainwater fails to drain away after leaving the downspout in some cases. Instead, it collects around the foundation of a building.

When water pools around the foundation of a building, it can erode the flower beds, lawn, and cause flooding of the crawlspaces and the basement. Seepage of the water that pools around a building into the foundation can cause cracking. Excessive moisture can also lead to mildew and mold problems in other parts of a building.

In some cases, it’s possible to solve drainage problems with splash blocks placement at the point where rainwater exists downspouts.

However, splash blocks may not be sufficient if:

Types of Rain Gutter Extensions San Antonio Installations

There are different types of rain gutter extensions that you can install in your building.

Major among them include:

To prevent rainwater drainage problems, install more elaborate extensions that help you deal with rainwater better. MT Gutters can inspect your home and recommend the most appropriate extensions to install in your property.

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