To ensure safety of your property and family, enlist our roof gutter cleaning San Antonio service more often. Dry leaf, debris, sticks, seeds, and needles collect in your roof gutters during the dry season. These can be a fire hazard because they can trap fire ambers during bushfire and ignite house fire. This is just one of the reasons to have your gutters cleaned regularly.

Others include:

Water Damage

Blocked roof gutters can lead to extensive water damage on your property. That’s because once it rains, water will overflow at the places where gutters are blocked. The overflowing rainwater will pool on the roof and damage it or travel into your building. This will lead to substantial roof, floor, windows and doors damage. What’s more, the overflowing rainwater can damage your landscape if you don’t take a remedial action right away.

Mold Growth

Once rainwater finds its way into your building, it will cause mold growth inside. This problem will escalate over time if water gets into your house in small amounts that are not easy to notice. Mold spores are airborne. That means they will travel via the air and cause allergies and other health problems. That’s why you should be keen to schedule roof gutter cleaning San Antonio appointment with MT Gutters on regular basis.

Pests and Vermin Infestation

Pests and vermin are attracted to the debris that accumulates in the gutters. If you allow twigs, debris, and leaves to accumulate in your gutters, rodents, insects and other types of pests will eventually nest there. Stagnant water in your gutters can also attract mosquitoes. All these are detrimental to human health. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with regular roof gutter cleaning.


If your drains are completely plugged, rainwater can sit in your gutters longer. Eventually, this water will cause rotting of gutters because they are not made to stay wet for longer periods. Some of the areas that are likely to rot include parts of wooden fascia board. This rotting will eventually necessitate their repair which can be quite costly.

Gutter System Damage

The weight of the leaves, sticks, and debris can also damage your gutter system. Gutters are installed in an angle that enables them to drain rainwater properly. If you let debris, leaves, and sticks fill up your gutters, they will become heavy and this angle will be distorted. This will make your gutter system fall off thereby necessitating repair or replacement.

To avoid these problems, call MT Gutters now to schedule your roof gutter cleaning San Antonio appointment right away!