San Antonio rain downspout installation play a crucial role in the gutter system of a building. Nevertheless, rain downspouts have a very simple functioning that is integral to the collection of rainwater from the gutters. They channel the rainwater that gutters collect from the roof to the ground. If rain downspouts fail to function properly, a building experiences water damage issues.

What is a Rain Downspout?

A rain downspout is a hollow tube that is usually made of the same material with gutters and it runs to the ground from the gutters. This tube is designed to channel rainwater that gutters collect safely to the ground on the side of a building. Rain downspouts have extensions that enable them to channel rainwater away from a building’s foundation.

Normally, downspouts have the same look with gutters to ensure a uniform look for the entire rainwater collection system. Although rain downspouts can be placed at a low point in the gutter system, they are usually placed close to the corners of a building.

Rain Downspout Problems

One of the problems that can affect proper functioning of downspouts is missing a part. That’s why you should inspect your rain downspouts regularly to ensure that all their parts are intact including their lower part where they curve to drain rainwater away from the foundation.

Debris can also collect inside the rain downspout thereby blocking them. This can be due to sticks, twigs, debris, or dirt from animals and birds that tend to make nests in gutter systems. If water collects in the gutters and you think your gutter system is blocked, call MT Gutters to have your downspouts checked by experts. Our technicians can use a plumbing snake to clear the clog in your downspouts.

Deal with Rain Downspouts Issues Promptly

It is important to deal with any problem of rain downspouts as soon as possible because if you don’t you will have issues like yard erosion and leaky basement to deal with later. If downspouts drain rainwater near the foundation of your building, you will have flooding in the crawlspace or basement. This will lead to mustiness and mold growth. These problems are not easy to fix. Therefore, make sure that your rain downspouts are always in proper working condition.

At MT Gutters San Antonio, we have technicians that are ready to come to your home, inspect your rain downspouts and fix any problem that may affect their performance. We can also install new rain downspouts for you. Call us now to discuss your San Antonio rain downspout needs with experienced gutter systems specialists.