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Small guttering refers to mini gutters that are used on greenhouses, sheds, summer houses, bay windows, and lean-to roofs. This guttering is about two-thirds the normal size of the ordinary guttering. In most cases, this guttering measure about 75mm. MT Gutters provides mini guttering installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning services across San Antonio. Call us any time to schedule your small gutters service appointment.

Common Uses

Mini gutters are mostly fitted on summer houses and garden sheds. The capacity and size of this guttering system make them ideal for handling runoff on the roofs of these structures. When this guttering is fitted on a shed, it protects timer structures from rainwater damage.

In most cases, sheds have rotten bottom edges because rainwater runs off the roof and directly down to the surrounding ground. When this water puddles and splashes up, it is drawn into the cladding timber of these structures. That’s why a mini guttering system is very important for such structures.

Small Guttering Installation

Mini guttering has the same installation process as normal gutters. In fact, the installation process of this guttering entails the use of similar fittings to that of normal gutters. Pipes and gutters come in lengths of 2m. Installers can screw fascia brackets directly to the wall of the shed or pack them out using timber if the roof’s overhang necessitates it. Gutter unions, outlets, and angles come with rubber seals and integral clips.

Outlets can be stop-one outlets or running outlets. The choice depends on whether you want the downpipe to be sited at the run end or at the center. Small gutters should have a slight fall facing the downpipe to enhance water flow. Bends should be offset to form swan necks and downpipe shoes. Pipe clips should be used to complete the guttering system.

At MT Gutters, we have experts that are experienced in the installation of mini gutters. Call us now to schedule your small guttering installation appointment!