Gutters Texas

There are some signs that you can look out for when it comes to needing to replace you gutter system. Some are more obvious than others, such as cracks, leaking, sagging, peeling paint and gaps. These are all signs that your gutter is no longer up to the task of protecting your home from the damaging effects of water. What happens, we asked, when your rain gutters look fine on the outside however, but it still doesn’t seem to be in good working condition? If you’ve come across this problem, then you may be dealing with a slightly more invisible cause. Below, we talk about the ways to find these issues out and see if they can be repaired or if you need a new gutter system installation.

Proper Rain Gutter Slope

The number one way your should check for your gutter problems is by checking to see if your system has a proper rain gutter slope. In order for water to drain towards your downspouts, where it is then siphoned down and out into your yard below, your rain gutters need to work with gravity so that the excess water all flows downhill. The correct rain gutter system slope should be subtle enough so you won’t notice it from the street or from your driveway, but steep enough so that water can easily travel down the channels and into your downspout.

The standard slope for most gutter systems is a half inch for every 10 feet. In other words, your gutter system should be a half inch lower in height at each 10-foot mark traveling to the downspout. 

If you’re looking for a gutter system that spans longer than 40 feet, it’s important to ensure that your system has a downspout on each end and starts the high end in the center of the gutter system. Shorter spans, however, can simply slope in one direction without any negative consequences.

Testing Your Gutters for Proper Slope

​If you notice any water standing on your roof instead of draining properly through the downspout, it’s important to check your gutter system for any clogs and clean away any debris that impedes the flow of water. If cleaning your gutters doesn’t solve the problem at hand, mark the top of your gutter at the point that is furthest away from your system’s downspout. This is the high point or peak of your gutter slope. Use a tape measure to mark the second spot 10 feet closer to the downspout along the gutter line. Repeat this until you’ve reached your downspout pipe. If you check the height of your gutter system’s channel on each mark moving towards the gutter’s downspout, and it does not slope towards the ground by a half inch on each mark, then you gutter is not functioning properly and you’ll need to call in a professional gutter repair company. A professional gutter installation and repair company can help you realign or reinstall a better gutter system and slope for you.