Just like the name suggests, mini gutters are small and generally used on greenhouses, sheds, summer houses, baby windows, and lean-to-roofs. A mini gutter is approximately two-thirds the size of the normal guttering. In most cases, these gutters measure about 76mm or 75mm (3”). They come in different colors including brown, white, and black.

Mini Gutters

At MT Gutters, we supply and install mini gutters for different applications. Our skilled and experienced technicians have installed these gutters in different structures. All you have to do is share the details of your structures and when you want us to install these gutters. 

In every mini gutter installation project, we focus on ensuring that you get a quality guttering system that serves its purpose effectively. We supply and install gutters made of the highest quality materials. Whether you have a small or big structure that needs these gutters, our crew will be glad to install them. 

So, don’t waste more time while rainwater continues to damage your beautiful structure. Contact us right away to schedule a consultation or installation appointment. Our crew will be glad to come over to inspect your property, provide recommendations, or even install small gutters on your structure. 

Common Uses of Mini Gutters

As hinted, these gutters are commonly fitted to summer houses and garden sheds. The capacity and size of a mini guttering system make it suitable for handling the rain that usually runs off the roofs of this size. When a mini gutter system is fitted to a shed, it protects the timber part from rainwater damage.

In most cases, sheds start rotting at their bottom edge because of water runoff from the roof. This water goes straight to the adjacent ground where it puddles and splashes. Once on the ground, this water is gradually drawn into the walls of the shed that is mainly made of cladding timbers. 

Installation of mini gutters prevents this runoff from draining straight to ground and splashing. That means it is not drawn into the timbers. As such, rotting doesn’t occur once these gutters have been installed on a shed. 

We have installed mini guttering systems in different structures in San Antonio. If unsure about the number of small gutters you need to fit on your structure, we can help you. We can also guide you when buying the necessary fittings and downpipes. Just give us a call to request a free mini gutter installation estimate today. 

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Reasons to Install Mini Gutters

In most cases, garden sheds do not come with guttering. As such, rainwater becomes a serious problem. If no gutters are fitted to garden sheds, their timber parts start rotting. To deal with this issue, you should install the mini rain gutters. 

MT Gutters has a team of experienced technicians that have been installing these gutters for years. We have installed small gutters in many garden sheds over the years. Our gutters connect to strong downpipes that are also installed carefully to drain rainwater to the water butt. 

When the butt gets full, the diverter, which has a clever design, leads to the running of the water back down the pipe and then away. Shed gutters’ water butts are a logical development. Trust us to install a guttering system that will protect your shed from rainwater damage completely. 

Mini Gutters Installation in San Antonio

Our mini gutter installation process is similar to that of installing the normal rainwater gutters. We also use the same fittings to install these gutters. The length of these gutters and pipes is 2m. Our crew can screw fascia brackets directly to the wall of the shed or pack them out with the timber if the roof overhang requires. 

The outlets, angles (90o and 135o), as well as, the gutter unions come with rubber seals and integral clips. The outlets can be stop-end outlets or running outlets, depending on whether the property owner wishes to have the downpipes sited at the end or the center. We lay gutters at a slight fall towards strong downpipes to enhance the flow of water. 

The guttering system is completed by the offset bends that form swan necks, pipe clips, and downpipe shoes. 

Let Experts Install Your Mini Gutters Today!

MT Gutters has the most experienced professionals in the gutter installation industry. We have fitted all types of gutters in different kinds of structures in San Antonio. We install gutters with the highest performance. Regardless of the size, shape, or type of your structure, we can install the gutters that you need on it. 

Our small gutters come with the following features: 

  • 20-year performance guarantee 
  • Suitable for small roof areas like carports, conservatories, sheds, and greenhouses 
  • 76mm for gutters and 50mm for downpipes and fittings 
  • Single fix or downpipe bracket gutter 

Protect your structure from the damage that rainwater build-up at its base can cause. Let us install small gutters that look amazing on your structure. 

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Contact us to request a free mini gutters installation estimate or to set up a consultation appointment with our experienced mini gutter installers today!