Gutters San Antonio


Water Damage and Gutters

If you live in San Antonio, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with your fair share of severe storms and rainfalls. Southern Texas is known for it’s hot weather and rainy seasons during the cooler months. When you’re faced with water damage to your gutters, it’s important to know how to handle the situation. When you find yourself picking up after a flash flood, you’ll want to know how to best handle your gutters. Your gutters are important for helping your home stay healthy during periods of rain. Water damage to your foundation can be detrimental to your foundation and home’s health.

Excess Debris

It’s important to remove excess debris from your gutters such as dirt, twigs, leaves, and other things that may cause a buildup. If your home experiences a strong storm and your gutters aren’t properly cleaned, then your gutter system is at risk of far worsened water damage than it might be otherwise. 

Cracked Gutters

Cracked gutters may cause rust and erosion, causing the crack or leak to become even worse. This not only exposes your gutters to further water damage and deterioration but also potentially exposes your home to water damage and may cause damage to your home’s foundation. Even a small crack can cause serious problems when a storm rolls around. Severe weather can worsen cracks and the durability of your gutter, potentially causing them to fall or come loose from your roof line, causing direct damage to your home or yard.

Mold Build Up

Mold build up can damage your home’s gutters even in drier weather. Moisture still sticks around even after most of the visible water has dried up, and mold can accumulate on nearly any surface given there’s enough moisture. Mold buildup can hurt your gutters, causing blockages, erosion and sagging. Mold and mildew is also a health hazard, many people are more allergic to the allergens contained that others. Getting rid of mold is an up close and personal chore that often involves scrubbing away at the surface of your gutters with a scrub brush and soap, or power washing the fungus off. Putting this chore off can lead to gutter rot and attracting insects.

Destroyed Gutters

​After severe weather, you can potentially be left with destroyed or severely damaged gutter systems. Your gutters can be torn off of your home, cracked or loosened from your roof line. No matter the damage caused, your gutters being in disrepair it’s a critical thing for your home. It’s important to call a gutter repair specialist as soon as possible to have your gutters repaired before the damage worsens or another storm rolls into the neighborhood. When you’re dealing with water damage, it’s important to keep up with the health of your gutters, otherwise you may be playing a game of chicken. If you take care of your gutters when even the smallest signs of water damage appear, you’ll be able to save your foundation’s health later.