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The benefits of aluminum are numerous. Being one of the most affordable and versatile materials makes it a highly popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Aluminum is coated with a chemical that helps it be resistant to rust and erosion. Aluminum is able to be molded into many different shapes and gutter types.

Seamless Aluminum

Seamless aluminum has the same benefits are regular aluminum, however, the main difference between a seamless material and a regular material comes in how it is installed. Seamless gutters are created by a fabricator on the back of a truck at the site of installation. This type of gutter is preferred by many homeowners thanks to its reduced chance for leaks.

Cast Iron

Cast irons gutters are one of the more durable materials when it comes to metal gutters. Most cast iron gutters are found in vintage or antique homes and the average lifespan of this material is 40 years or more – this is double or triple the lifespan of many other gutters.


Copper gutters are a heavy-duty material that aren’t as versatile as other materials such as aluminum, however, won’t rust over time and has an average lifespan of 150 years with proper maintenance. These gutters have a lovely red-brown aesthetic that turn to hints of green as time goes on.


If you are looking for budget gutters, vinyl or plastic gutters are the top choices for many homeowners. Vinyl is affordable, lightweight and easy to paint. Vinyl cannot rust and will clip to brackets easily for a fast installation. The downside to these gutters is the lack of strength – the lower durability of these gutters puts your gutter system at risk for damage during strong storms. 


Steel is a strong and durable metal that has time and time again proven its durability. Galvanized steel is a rust-resistant gutters, but can be further guaranteed by coating with a rust-proof paint or chemical coat. Combining the strength of copper with the cast iron with the versatility and ability to customize as aluminum and you’ll have the experience of steel gutters. The downside to steel, however, is that you may need to replace these gutters in as little as five years.


Zinc gutters have twice the lifespan of an aluminum gutter system and offer a versatile and heavy-duty system. Zinc has similar benefits from steel, copper, and cast iron systems including the durability. The downside, however, is that zinc may be a pricey option in comparison to the others and just as difficult to install as steel. Some homeowners may still opt for zinc as it provides a beautiful addition to their roof line and is hard for external damage to crack.

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